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Threatin: Fake News, Fake Fans, Fake Reality

Two stories that have been in my conversations as of late are that of the feature article in MetalSucks "L.A. Band Threatin Faked a Fanbase To Land a European Tour No One Attended,"and Bobby Owsinski’s article "Artists Gaining Fake Spotify Plays From Unexpected Source."Two stories about less than honest approaches to trying to obtain success in music. 

For those that are not aware of these stories, according to the media front man of Threatin, Jared Eames (AKA Jared Threatin), invented his own record label, management company, and PR company, paid for fake followers, and then sold the hoax to venues in Europe in order to book a tour of Europe.

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Making Your Own Pie with The Ingredients You've Got: Episode 1 of James Newcomb's Musicpreneur Podcast

James interviewed me for his Musicpreneur Podcast. In fact, he interviewed me for Episode 1 which was quite the honour. 

"Here’s a brief outline of this interview with Aaron. Aaron tells the story of turning back a mere 200 meters from the summit of the highest mountain in South America and how this is an allegory for defining success as a MusicPreneur. This decision to turn back led to Aaron saving the life of a fellow…"

James Newcomb

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Interview with Yahoo Brazil

A little while back I was interviewed by Casino Gobbet from Yahoo Brazil. The original article is in Portuguese and can be viewed here.

I really enjoyed the questions Casino had and I thought you may find interesting reading our conversation. 


Cassaino Gobbet: The consumption of music certainly hasn’t decreased, but revenue streams are. Is that correct? 

Aaron Bethune: That is correct, however it would also depend on what you are counting as revenue streams. Physical sales have decreased while streaming services are gaining members rapidly and paid subscribers are also increasing. Vinyl is making a resurgence. Certainly none of these revenue streams can take the place of the record sales of say ten years ago. That being said there are far more opportunities than ever before to find creative ways to monetize music and the music experience. So in that regard I would say that at least when it comes to new available revenue streams the opportunities are increasing.

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Recent interview for Australia's Morning Roar


Generally 7:50am. Sometimes earlier. It seems to be my internal alarm. If I am traveling I tend to get up around 6am so as to hit the gym before my day starts.


a) I look over at my wife and remind myself how lucky I am to be where I am. These days I look at my 6 month old daughter too… and sometimes my 5 year old son if he’s somehow got into they bed during the early hours of the morning. That’s the personal stuff. b) Then I check my emails and schedule of events for the day. c)Then I head to the gym to work with my personal trainer. 

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