Aaron Bethune. Music Specialist. Entrepreneur. Manager. Producer. Author. Consultant. Creative Collaborator. Speaker.

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Aaron has 20 years experience covering all aspects of the music industry. His network includes industry experts, celebrities, investors, tech insiders, politicians, CEO's, heads of tourism, cultural ambassadors and agents of change around the globe. He is a big picture thinker and master of connecting dots. Over the years Aaron has created a music & brand services company, publishing company, booking agency, boutique music licensing catalog, and developed experience driven travel events for talent and their fans. He has provided music clearance for T.V., Ads, and film, services as a music consultant, talent manager, mentor, digital strategist, brand architect, and music marketer. He has worked as a music journalist, authored a music business textbook, spoken at music institutes, produced records & films, performed internationally, worked as a session guitarist and is an award-nominated songwriter.

"Music is at the core of what I do; however, over the years my work has expanded into other industries, always bringing my musical perspective with me. Music is not limited to one industry; it is a part of everyone's life. It is a backdoor to your subconscious mind. It creates the soundtrack of our lives and gives a voice to the feelings we would otherwise find hard to express. Like a brand, music represents us and tells people about who we are. Within seconds music can make us feel something. It brings us together, breaks down barriers, sees no colour, offers an escape from our reality and helps us feel what others are going through... brings us closer together. Harnessing the power of music, understanding its innate ability to build a following and create valuable experiences, is transferable to any industry. I use this approach to develop business opportunities, build brands and establish artistic careers inside & out of the music business."Aaron Bethune