Play it Loud Music

This is my music services company that I founded in 2006. It provides management and creative services as well as hosts an extensive music catalogue for music licensing. Over the years, Play it Loud Music has toured artists in Asia, North America and Europe. We have worked with a variety of artists and producers from Sly & The Family Stone and Johnny Cash's band to Devon Allman and Steve Jordan. We have placed music in major TV shows, commercials and movies. Play it Loud Music has successfully developed talent, promoted singles to radio, signed numerous artists to major deals and strategically partnered artists with brands. 

Above the Noise

This is my content publishing company. We create content that gets heard above the noise. This outlet is also used to publish my music industry podcast. The podcast is a series of interviews with movers and shakers in the music biz. I ask the nosiest questions I can to provoke the most insightful answers. I have been told repeatedly by listeners that the insight shared is applicable to business, marketing and branding in and outside of the music industry. I would have to agree. 


JAM is the CreativeSession® of Josh Nychuk, myself and Mark Maryanovich. Offering branding, design, photography and content creation for projects in the music industry. Our clients have included publishers, liquor companies, clothing apparel and shoe wear, to corporations looking for a creative edge. I love working on JAM jobs as they are some of the most creative adventures I lead.