Overcoming The Mountain with Aaron Bethune | Roar Conversations

I was recently interviewed by Adam Spencer for his Roar Conversations. In fact I was the first to be interviewed for this new conversational podcast. Below is the interview. To read the original post click here



In this exclusive interview with Aaron Bethune, the founder of PlayItLoudMusic tells the story of a near death experience toward the summit of Cerro Aconcagua, the highest peak outside of Asia. Find out how the aftermath of the climb shaped Bethune’s plans as an entrepreneur and an individual. Topics covered include finding strength within yourself, letting go of material desires, taking small steps to accomplish larger tasks.


A globetrotter from an early age, Montreal native Aaron Bethune found a passion in music at a young age. After a life altering experience just a few hundred meters short of the Cerro Aconcagua summit, Bethune was inspired to actualize his dreams to get involved in the music business. He is the founder of PlayItLoudMusic, using his expertise in music and business to become a creative consultant, mentor artists, and license music for public use.

Aaron is the author of Musicpreneur: The Creative Approach to Making Money in Music. If you'd like to find out more about Aaron Bethune and his creative endeavors, visit his website.  


How is living life a lot like climbing a mountain?

What is “fear of the summit”?

The fragility of man and the transience of life.

Learning to enjoy the moment and appreciate simple things

How can you benefit from a change of perspective?


3:02 Pseudo Introduction of Aaron by Adam

7:17 “We’re all climbing mountains, it’s just some of us set the summit out of reach”

09:00-14:18  Story of (not) climbing summit of mountain, saving Mike

14:01 “You’re such a fragile thing….” (talking about how small we are in the world)

16:15-19:25 “Fear of the summit”, (fear of getting what you want, learning to value self)

20:10-21:55 Guiding through a canoe metaphor (following “the current”, us getting in way of self)

22:12-23:21 “How will I get off the top of a mountain??” (one step at a time)

23:55-24:35 “It doesn’t equate to happiness” (enjoying the moment/anti-materialism)

26:26 “it’s all about perspective...every moment can be seen in different lights”

28:08 “...the fact is that every moment has led to this one...” (you are where you’re meant to be)

29:00 “you can choose to see all of the opportunities that exist or put on the blinders”

32:23-32:58 “operating from ‘how’” (difference between how and why)

43:05-44:55 Jumping off of the dock analogy (getting over fear of change/impact)

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